Planning Tools and Tips for you!

6 Apps to help Plan Your Next Event! 
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We Love DropBox.  It’s portable, provides storage and is great at collaboration with others.

This is a great tool to help organize conference calls with speakers, planning committee, etc.


We love project management tools.
It’s free!


The Weather Channel
Every planner needs to know what “mother nature” is doing. Don’t be caught off guard.


Another great project management tool – more robust than Trello.


Flight Aware
Need to track your speaker flights in real time? This is a great tool to have in your arsenal.

F&B (Food & Beverage) Planning Tips

Planning meals for your event can be daunting and an overwhelming task. Think about it, you are planning for hundreds and thousands of people at a time – all with various needs, wants and likes. The biggest tip that I can give is to get to know the chef and your event manager. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Ask, what are your most popular menu items? How do you handle special dietary requests like gluten-free, kosher, vegan, vegetarian and seafood and nut allergies? How can I incorporate farm-to-table menu items? My budget is XX, can you create a menu for me based on the following, etc? By asking these questions, you are partnering with the catering department to create a successful event. Remember, they know what works at their property!


Other F&B Planning Tips:

  • More and more Americans are becoming health conscious. Eating gluten-free meals are now in demand as well. Moreover with the addition of the keto diet, more attendees are looking for low-carb friendly menus and gluten-free options. When working with a caterer or hotel, ask for creative menus that include some of these options for all meals. Ask the executive chef for custom menus to suit the needs of your group.

  • When creating your registration form, ensure that a special dietary section is explicitly listed on the form to include seafood, nut, gluten allergies and others.

  • Most groups decide whether or not they will foot the bill for kosher meals – if requested. Most hotels will not have a kosher kitchen. So, the cost of providing this meal tends to be costly for hotels by which they pass on the cost to the customer which will cost at many times $100 per kosher meal at many conference hotels.  Make sure this is a consideration in your budget planning process.

  • Are you planning several coffee breaks during your meeting? Consider negotiating the price per gallon during the contract process.

  • Record your food & beverage history after each conference to help with the planning of future events.

Things to record include: ​

Guarantee number vs. actuals

Popular meal selections that attendees enjoyed

Actual dietary requests consumed during the event

Actual Coffee/tea intake by the gallon