I'm Marva. Nice to meet you

I’m the Founder & Chief Event Strategist behind The Event Professionals Inc. A 25+ year Meeting & Event Planning Specialist and Howard University alum. I help non-profit and for-profit companies nationwide, plan and execute their corporate events, so their employees can focus on the tasks they were hired for.

I understand the reality of trying to do it all

As an Entrepreneur, Corporate Event Planner, and mom, I understand the reality of trying to do it all.  But I’ve learned over time that multitasking can decrease your efficiency when you’re operating at full capacity.


While it might seem like a great idea to have your office administrator plan your annual conference. The time needed to plan and organize an entire event is time that’s being taken away from your company’s core business goals.


If it’s one thing I’ve learned from running my own business, it’s the importance of hiring the right professionals to do what they do best. For you, that’s a meeting and event planner – and that’s where I can help.


Working with The Event Professionals over the past few years has been exceedingly beneficial, incredibly seamless, and has elevated our overall conference logistics.  They continue to look out for our best interest from creation, implementation, and event wrap-up.

Sari Houston, Education Programs Manager

Having an event planning committee is not enough.

My goal is to help your company execute events without taking away time from your team.

You deserve to have an event where you don’t have to worry about a speaker submitting their presentation on time or if the catering will be sufficient for all attendees.


I’m here to help.